Families Foward is Open and Ready to Help

The following is a spotlight on our Charitable Partner, Families Forward, and their efforts amid the current coronavirus crisis.

Dear friends, supporters, clients and community partners,

As we continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis closely, Families Forward is open and here to respond to the unprecedented needs in our community. We remain committed to providing uninterrupted services to families experiencing homelessness.

During this time of uncertainty, parents may lose their jobs or see a significant reduction in hours. Vulnerable families are worried about losing their housing and feeding their children. Families Forward exists to help these families in need and that hasn’t changed. While we are taking all necessary precautions and practicing social distancing in the workplace, we are continuing normal operations in anticipation of seeing an increase in requests for services.

What are we doing for families in need:

-Drive-thru* food distribution Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm - no appointment necessary. This service is open to anyone, regardless if they are a Families Forward client or not. No one in need will be turned away.
-All of our regular programs (housing assistance, counseling, career services, etc.) are operating remotely via phone, video conferencing and email.

How Can You Help?

There is an increased need for food assistance in the community

Donate today to provide food to those in need and sustain critical programs keeping families safe and housed during this crisis.  

By following the link to the Families Forward Amazon Wish List, you can donate any of our most needed food items in just a few clicks. Prefer to shop at, Costco or other online shopping site? Purchase any amount of the above items and have them shipped directly to our offices!

All donations can be dropped off in person* Monday through Friday from 10am - 2pm or shipped to:

Families Forward
8 Thomas
Irvine, CA 92618

*We have set up a drive thru food distribution/donation station with appropriate distancing and sanitizing protocols to protect our clients, donors, volunteers and staff.

Together, we can provide hope to families in these uncertain times. 
Thank you for thinking of Families Forward and those in need while you are keeping your own family safe during this crisis.

CPSM Study Group

The CPSM is a mark of distinction for marketing and business development professionals. It elevates professional standards and influences the future of our field. The CPSM designation is associated with leadership and achieved marketing expertise. We invite you to come join this elite group!

The study group will be held over the course of 13 weeks with all sessions online in the comfort of your home or office. The Domain Study Sessions are scheduled over lunch with webinar/presentations by current CPSMS and have time for Q&A. Resources are provided to each member to help with studying and an online communication platform is being used to communicate, post questions and answers and generally share the experience with your fellow study group members.

The study group is a free series; however you will need to purchase your books if you don’t already have them.

If you would like to join the group please contact SMPS OC’s President-Elect, Bonnie Temple, CPSM at [email protected] or Ariale Montgomery, a member of SMPS OC’s Education Committee at [email protected]

March 26 – 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 1: Marketing Research

April 9 – 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 3: Client and Business Development

April 23– 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 2: Marketing Planning

April 30 –  5:15 – 6:45: Review of Domains 1-3

May 14 – 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 4: Proposals

May 28 – 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 5: Promotional Activity

June 11 – 12:00 – 1:30: Domain 6: Management

June 18 – 5:15 – 6:45: Review of all Domains

Call for Nominations!

Dear SMPS Orange County Member,

Are you ready to take yourself and your firm to the next level and move beyond membership to become an active participant in the leadership of our Chapter?

SMPS Orange County (OC) Board of Directors invites you to join us in leading our Chapter as a Chair, Director or committee member. The SMPS Vision, Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership, is not just a tagline. Our Mission is to advocate for our industry and each other, to educate, and to connect leaders in the building industry.

Chapter participation helps SMPS-OC and you develop and sharpen your leadership skills. It provides you with access to the most creative and successful marketing and business development professionals in the nation, and opportunities for growth in our niche fields that you can get nowhere else.

SMPS-OC is growing our membership, value, and impact on the local A/E/C industry. To remain on this path, we need leaders who are passionate about the profession and have a commitment to excellence. We hope you will consider serving SMPS-OC as a member of our Chapter's volunteer leadership team.

The Call for Nominations is now open. Nominations will be accepted through April 10, 2020 for the term commencing on September 1, 2020 and ending on August 31, 2021. Positions open for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors include:

  • President-Elect (Executive Committee)
  • Secretary (Executive Committee)
    • Treasurer (Executive Committee – Not Open)
    • Chairperson, Finance
  • Director-at-Large, Programs
    • Chairperson, Communication Liaison
    • Chairperson, Logistics
    • Chairperson, Development
  • Director-at-Large, Sponsorship
    • Chairperson, Sponsorship
  • Director-at-Large, Membership
    • Chairperson, Hospitality
    • Chairperson, Ambassador
    • Chairperson, Special Events
  • Director-at-Large, Education
    • Chairperson, Education
  • Director-at-Large, Professional Development
    • Chairperson, Mentorship
    • Chairperson, CPSM Liaison and Study Group
    • Chairperson, Peer-to-Peer Program
  • Director-at-Large, Communications
    • Chairperson, Website
    • Chairperson, Social Media, Graphics
    • Chairperson, E-Blast
    • Chairperson, Blog
    • Chairperson, Photography
    • Chairperson, Videography

Director-at-Large is a one year term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms leading the same Committee. Secretary and Treasurer are two year terms, open every other year. For 2020-2021, Secretary is open. The President-Elect serves a one year term, then assumes President role for one year, then Immediate Past President directly after.

The Nomination forms and a description of positions and eligibility requirements is included below. You may nominate a Chapter member (or yourself) as a Candidate. Nominees will be evaluated by the Nominations and Elections Committee to ensure eligibility, then the candidates will be presented to the membership for voting May 15, 2020. Voting will close on May 31, 2020 and the new Board will be announced by June 15, 2020.

Submit all nomination materials by April 10,2020 to the following:

Subject: SMPS-OC Nominations & Elections CommitteeTo: Bonnie Temple, CPSM, President-Elect at [email protected]

If you have questions about the nomination and election process or about service on the SMPS Orange County Board, Bonnie can be reached at (949) 809-5221 or the email address above.

Board Roles & Responsibilities

2020-2021 Nominations 

Please join us in shaping our Society and leading our industry forward!

Guest Post: What happens when all your personal rhythms are thrown off?

Special Guest Post by Cathy Hutchison

What’s it like for you right now?
If you are like me, having all my personal rhythms shifted and rearranged has been disconcerting.

Two weeks ago, I had a daily routine:

  1. Wake up crazy early.
  2. Play with dogs and feed them.
  3. Go to a yoga class at my local studio. Do an after-class quick change into office clothes.
  4. Pop into my favorite coffee shop for an espresso and some journaling. (Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know this is 84 Point Coffee in Dallas.)
  5. Head to the office and jump into my day job.

This week:

  1. Wake up at weird times with my head pinging like a pinball machine.
  2. Play with dogs and feed them.
  3. My yoga studio is closed.
  4. I don’t even know if my favorite coffee shop is open because I haven’t been out that way. (Do I even have a way to make coffee at home???)
  5. My co-workers and I are working from home.

I know you are living through the same kinds of shifts. We all are. And it can really throw us off right? There’s normally a bit of autopilot at work in our days—even if we journal. But these days require full on engagement. 

Here's how my journal is helping me cope: 

1. I need to write the day down. It helps me to see it.

The beauty of the bullet journaling technique is that it gets your day out of your head so you can see it clearly. In a normal world, I write down my next day the night before. Now, I find I'm having to recraft multiple times a day as priorities change. 

Seeing the day is helping a lot. While most bullet journalists use the pages of their journal to catch this, I just put a sticky note on the inside cover. (My interior pages have other jobs.) This is particularly useful right now, when I'm pivoting often. The mess stays on a sticky note that I can throw away later. 

2. I need to keep an account of what I'm actually doing so I can see whether or not I'm doing it.

When I get really in my head, my physical practices are the first thing to go. It's hard to be present in my body when my brain is so busy. 

My life goes better when I'm doing my breathing practice, yoga, and walking my dogs on a daily basis. When things started getting crazy, I started making notations on my monthly spread (highlighted with pink highlighter). If you are curious, WH is the Wim Hof method. (I'm only doing the breathing technique, I haven't quite psyched myself up for cold showers.) Y for yoga--usually an hour. For dog walking, I capture the miles. 

We can often lie to ourselves about how faithful we are with our self care....

No journal capture = "Oh, I'm working out pretty consistently."
With journal capture = "Oh, I worked out...THREE WEEKS AGO???? Whaaaat?"

3. I'm creating sketchnotes to make my coworkers laugh.

Now that we are on video calls all day, I wanted an interesting background. So I moved the chalkboard from my kitchen to my home office. Each day I sketchnote something I've noticed that I wouldn't have seen if I'd been in the office. 

(I had no idea my dogs "talk" with the dogs across the street out of open windows 101 Dalmatians style.) 

On Day 2, when I went to take out the trash, four of my neighbors were in the alley talking. I counted them out loud... "1, 2, 3, 4...whew. I don't have to report you!"  Lighthearted anything in a time of heavy stress can be a relief. 

We are all trying to craft a "normal for right now"...

The fear of what's next is the hard part. The not-knowing how bad it will be in our own areas. For the people we love. 

But small daily routines in the middle of chaos can create joy, appreciation, and a little bit of sanity.

My yoga studio did a 5:30 am class via Zoom this morning. (It felt soooooo good to see my teacher and the inside of the studio.) I've figured out how to make coffee at home. I like it that my family is staying connected sharing ideas or just being with each other using all the digital tools at our disposal. My best friends and I have a short daily video check-in.

Our reality at the moment is weird. Uncomfortable. And often scary.

And it will probably go on this way for much longer than any of us want it to. 

When our lives are in crisis, the small things really matter. What are the small things that will help you most right now? Journal them, and share your pages with the hashtags #yourvisualjournal and #inthistogether. Small actions can collectively have very big impact.

Cathy Hutchison
Joyful Wielder of Crayons & Journal Enthusiast