Certification is a time-tested means of measuring a professional’s credentials. The Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) sets the standard of excellence for marketing and business development professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Because the CPSM designation is associated with leadership, the process of qualifying for and passing the test, in addition to obtaining the required number of continuing education units, is intensive. Individuals who are CPSMs demonstrate their on-going commitment to the industry, and their ability to perform in all Six Domains of Marketing, criteria that is recognized by many professional services firms.


SMPS OC Member Testimonials

Bonnie Temple | Strategic Pursuit Manager | Brown and Caldwell

Since becoming a member in 1998 I admired the leaders in our industry who took the time to mentor and teach. I absorbed all I could by attending programs, education sessions, and conferences when I could. I admired the experts and looked up to the people who earned the professional designation, Certified Professional Services Marketer or CPSM.

After time, I became eager to obtain a CPSM too. I was also apprehensive; it is no small feat! However, I knew that passing the CPSM would be a pivotal point in my career. It was. I learned the six domains in depth and grew in confidence every day. I put what I learned to practice at work and grew in my understanding of the field and my career far beyond I imagined. What a journey, I will never regret the time I put in to studying and since I did it along side others by joining a study group I also made long-term industry friends. We challenged and supported each other.

Today, I do everything I can to keep my skills sharp and maintain the coveted designation. I encourage you to come join this elite group of professionals. You will learn so much. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me about my experience. I am happy to share what was freely given to me through my time with SMPS and to motivate you if you are also apprehensive. Trust me when I say, it is an achievement you will always be proud of!

Kelly Teenor | Proposal Specialist | Michael Baker International

As Marketers in the A/E/C industry, we are surrounded by colleagues who hold credentials signifying professional expertise. The CPSM credential is our chance to showcase our professional expertise. When you earn the CPSM you are joining an elite community of marketing professionals. This community is bonded by the shared experience of preparing for and taking the exam. An unexpected reward of my CPSM journey was the relationships I formed with the Study Group participants and subject matter experts who shared their knowledge with us. Each year the Orange County Chapter offers an outstanding multi-week Study Group. Participation in the Study Group provided me tremendous professional and personal value. I encourage you to participate in the Study Group as part of your CPSM journey. The credential you’ll earn is impressive, the relationships you’ll develop are invaluable.

Liza Hall | Owner | LJH Consulting

Preparing to become an SMPS Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) took years in the making. My A/E/C career didn’t start in a marketing department but learned in an administration and operations capacity alongside architects, engineers, and contractors.  An integral part missing, between work experience and active membership in the Orange County Chapter, was the CPSM. This designation provides me an opportunity to network with a special group of talented peers striving for excellence within ourselves, our firms, and the A/E/C community.  No matter what role you have in your firm, being a CPSM will take your career to the next level.

Sue Pender | Business Development Associate - Surface Water | Michael Baker International

Having my CPSM certification has really helped to highlight my expertise in professional services marketing to my employer and in the AEC community. Ongoing, the recertification process keeps me up to speed on the latest industry trends and helps me raise the bar of the work products of myself and my team.  Since passing the CPSM, I have been more confident in pursuing projects in domains I previously did not have experience in.  Those initials add credibility!

For Professionals

Certified Professional Services Marketers (CPSM) are part of something special, an elite group of marketers who have invested in themselves. Each CPSM is committed to learning the “must have” skills required for today’s hyper-competitive market. CPSMs understand and embrace the need for continuous improvement through education and how it enhances their opportunities for professional success.



Take Your Career to the Next Level: Become a CPSM

If you have interest in pursuing your CPSM or learning more about the process, test, and benefits of being certified, please contact our CPSM Liaison and President-Elect, Laurie Parris at [email protected].


Contact: Ariale Montgomery, Education Director, at [email protected]

For Employers

SMPS, the authority on marketing professional services, has published the Six Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers. These Domains represent the body of knowledge, disciplines, and skills required for leaders in professional services marketing. Through the SMPS certification program, an employer can be assured that their marketing professionals have what it takes to generate profitable business through demonstrated proficiency in the domains of practice.



“When hiring marketers, I always give CPSMs preference. It shows a commitment to our industry and their willingness to stay current with the latest trends due to the 3-year re-certification requirement.”

Julie Shepard, CPSM, ENV SP
Corporate Director of Marketing, Psomas
Former SMPS-Sacramento Chapter President


Contact: Kevin Doyle, SMPS Headquarters, at 1.800.292.7677, 1.703.549.6117 x232, or [email protected].


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