Visibility, credibility, appeal and membership of the OC Chapter all depend on our Communications Committee. Volunteers can participate in a wide range of activities: website maintenance, social media, eBlasts, newsletter/Blog, campaign development and mailing list management.


Improving our programs, education, special events, and networking forums requires us to build, keep and strengthen our membership base. Volunteers play a crucial role recruiting and retaining members, serving as ambassadors to non-members at events, and helping new members become assimilated with all the resources, including mentoring, that we offer as a chapter.


A core tenet of SMPS is providing the educational resources professional service marketers need to grow their companies and their careers. Volunteers are needed so as to provide a greater range of Educational programs and topics to meet the needs for both junior and senior level professionals, in both marketing and business development.


Events are an important part of each SMPS OC Members' experience. The Programs Committee is responsible for planning, selecting, and coordinating insightful and impactful luncheon and workshop events centered around industry-related content and clients. Committee volunteers play a vital role in taking a program from an idea to a live event by providing ideas that speak to our membership base through feedback and what they are seeing in the industry from their perspective.



Visibility helps you and your firm stand out, increase your profitability, and discover more opportunities. SMPS gives you the chance to stand out and get ahead of the competition through its many sponsorship opportunities.

Professional Development

We offer several opportunities for you to take your career to the next level! Become a Mentor or Protégé in our Mentorship Program where you will both share and gain valuable industry knowledge, expertise, and growth in a safe, one-on-one environment. Or…maybe you’re interested in a little challenge—to test your knowledge and mettle and distinguish yourself as a proven industry leader? Join our Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) Study Group and elevate your status by becoming our Chapter’s (and your firm’s) next CPSM! Perhaps you have a special skill, talent, or topic that you’d like to showcase for our Chapter. If so, apply to become one of this year’s Peer to Peer (P2P) presenters/trainers—elevate your visibility; exercise your public presentation abilities; and pay forward the wisdom, expert tips and tricks, and insights you’ve acquired throughout your long, or short, career. We all have something to share and we all have more to learn. Take part in our Professional Development opportunities today!


The hospitality committee is responsible for all aspects of creating an interactive event for attendees through management of the many coordination details required – from venue selection through greeting and checking in guests at registration.