2021-2022 Call for Nominations


Dear SMPS Orange County Member, 

The SMPS Orange County (OC) Board of Directors invites you to join us in leading our Chapter as a Chair, Director, or committee member. The SMPS Vision, Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership, is not just a tagline. Our Mission is to advocate for our industry and each other, to educate, and to connect leaders in the building industry.  

Chapter participation helps SMPS-OC, and you develop and sharpen your leadership skills. It provides you with access to the most creative and successful marketing and business development professionals in the nation, and opportunities for growth in our niche fields that you can get nowhere else.  

SMPS-OC is growing our membership, value, and impact on the local A/E/C industry. To remain on this path, we need leaders like you who are passionate about the profession and have a commitment to excellence. We hope you will consider serving SMPS-OC as a member of our Chapter's volunteer leadership team. 

Nominations will be accepted now through April 9, 2021, for the term commencing on September 1, 2021, and ending on August 31, 2022.

Positions open for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors include: 

  • President-Elect (Executive Committee) 
  • Secretary (Executive Committee) 
  • Director-at-Large, Programs 
    • Chairperson, Programs (multiple positions)
  • Director-at-Large, Education 
    • Chairperson, Education (multiple positions)
  • Director-at-Large, Sponsorship 
    • Chairperson, Sponsorship (multiple positions) 
  • Director-at-Large, Membership 
    • Chairperson, Hospitality 
    • Chairperson, Ambassador 
    • Chairperson, Special Events 
  • Director-at-Large, Professional Development 
    • Chairperson, Mentorship 
    • Chairperson, CPSM Liaison and Study Group 
    • Chairperson, Peer-to-Peer Program 
  • Director-at-Large, Communications 
    • Chairperson, E-Blast 
    • Chairperson, Website 
    • Chairperson, Blog 
    • Chairperson, Social Media/Graphics 
    • Chairperson, Photography 
    • Chairperson, Videography 


Board Roles and Responsibilities (COMING SOON)

2021- 2022 Nomination Form (COMING SOON)

Submit all nomination forms by April 9, 2021, to Laurie Parris, President-Elect, at [email protected]

If you have questions about the nomination and election process or about service on the SMPS-OC Board, Laurie can be reached at 562- 212-6509 or at the email address above.

Please join us in shaping our Society and leading our industry forward!

Committee Connections

By Tracey Hope, Director of Business Development, Guida Surveying, Inc. | SMPS Orange County Chapter, Executive Board of Director, Secretary

"Selfless action is a source of strength.” - Mahatma Gandhi

What have you been doing to keep your perspective, stay connected or grow your network, and sharpen your skills this past year, or during other challenging times?  We would normally be meeting and collaborating in person but these are not normal times and we have learned to adapt to many new virtual platforms. We are now doing everything we can to stay connected while we contend with social distancing and virtual meetings. Are you still finding it difficult to truly connect?

One of the actions you can take to reassure yourself and serve others, is to volunteer. We recognize that our lives are already busy balancing work and family life and may not even realize how energizing and rewarding it is to be of service to an organization that benefits so many others. When you have an opportunity to collaborate with an industry organization that is tied to numerous fellow leaders in our Marketing and Business Development field, it causes exponential growth.

I have been involved with SMPS since the beginning of my career in the A|E|C industry and I can honestly say that the greatest benefits I have received came from making a commitment to actively participate. Whether serving on a Committee or as a Board Member, there are so many opportunities within the organization to explore.

Contributing time and effort provides personal satisfaction and growth, in addition to many other benefits. Some experiences you can look forward to through volunteering for SMPS include staying connected to existing contacts, and the industry as a whole as well as meeting new people, developing new talents, being part of a very supportive team, being a positive influence, instilling your wisdom, and learning from the experience of others—the benefits are endless.

Learn about SMPS OC’s Committee Connection

SMPS OC’s Committee Connection is our commitment to anyone interested in becoming more involved at the Chapter’s Board and Committee levels. Take that next step in you’re A|E|C Marketing and Business Development journey and help shape your Chapter’s present and future while developing your leadership skills with a group of individuals who will support you in achieving your goals.

Let us help you flex your volunteer muscles; come join us!

Volunteers can participate in a wide range of activities including website maintenance, social media, eBlasts, newsletter/Blog, campaign development and mailing list management.
Volunteers are needed so as to provide a greater range of Educational programs and topics to meet the needs for both junior and senior level professionals, in both marketing and business development.
Volunteers play a crucial role recruiting and retaining members, serving as ambassadors to non-members at events, and helping new members become assimilated with all the resources, including mentoring, that we offer as a chapter.
Volunteers play a vital role in taking a program from an idea to a live event by providing ideas that speak to our membership base through feedback and what they are seeing in the industry from their perspective.
Visibility helps you and your firm stand out, increase your profitability, and discover more opportunities. Committee volunteering gives you the chance to stand out and get ahead of the competition through its many sponsorship opportunities.
We all have something to share and we all have more to learn. Become a Mentor or Protégé in our Mentorship Program, join our CPSM Study Group, or become a Peer-to-Peer presenter if you have a special skill, talent, or topic that you’d like to showcase for our Chapter.
By clicking on the committee you are interested in joining, you will be connected to the director committee's email.


Spread cheer, love, joy and happiness to the patients of CHOC Hospital this year.
No gift/value is too small – these children need every ounce of love and support
they can get!

Link for donations (CHOC created an easy to use Amazon Wishlist):

SMPS Winner’s Circle: 2019-2020


By Kelly Teenor, CPSM, 2019-2020 President

The SMPS Orange County 2019-2020 Board of Directors were race-ready when the green flag dropped at the start of the year in September 2019. The track we anticipated racing down, however, was not the track we traveled. About half-way into the race, the Covid 19 pandemic added unexpected twists, turns, and obstacles that caused us to shift course. I am so proud of our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Committee Members, and our Chapter Members for remaining positive and creative as we reimagined our support and delivery of services. Now that checkered flag has dropped on the 2019-2020 Board year, we commemorate milestones and accomplishments, pre and post Covid 19.

Charity and Community Support

The A/E/C industry’s passion for building a better world was showcased by the Chapter’s philanthropy activities throughout the year. For Thanksgiving 2019, we collected over 300 pounds of food and provided many gift certificates for turkeys to our charitable partner, Families Forward. In February, we conducted a clothing drive to assist Working Wardrobes rebuild after losing their inventory due to a devastating warehouse fire. The proceeds of our highly-successful June mid-year economic forecast program were donated to Families Forward to help with their Covid response.

Programs and Education

Our first Women in A/E/C Leadership Roundtable event connected industry changing leaders with participants through intimate discussions at tables. This event, held in November 2019 (pre Covid), sold-out! Read more:

Our Annual California Economic Forecast, held each January, has grown into a marque event. Led by Chapman University’s Dr. Raymond Sfeir it draws executives from across the industry. In June, to help us understand Covid’s impact on the economy, we held a mid-year California Economic Forecast. This was the Chapter’s first virtual program, and it was our most attended event of the year!   

We started the year strong with in-person education session topics ranging from capture planning to presentation tips and tricks. Our shift to virtual sessions allowed us to keep the momentum going with topics ranging from creating effective SME interview videos to negotiation strategies.   

Member Recognition & Services

Our second annual Mentorship program enjoyed the success of 6 mentor/protégés pairs completing the program. The 2020-2021 program is already underway! Learn about the program:

As avid supporters of the CPSM, the Chapter holds a comprehensive study session each year. This year we decided to offer a virtual participation option in addition to the in-person option. This planning was fortuitous. After our first meeting, Covid social distancing began and we seamlessly transition to 100% virtual.  

Our annual Membership Appreciation event went virtual and tied in a virtual cooking class that included cocktail making! During the event we revealed the winners of our 2nd Annual Member awards. Congratulations to:

Bailey Gau, Rising Star

Tracey Hope, Member of the Year

Jan Powell, Keystone Member

Kimberly Molina, President’s Award

See the past winners at:

The Winner’s Circle

Thank you, 2019-2020 Board. You showed amazing leadership and grace as you served our Chapter while navigating uncharted territory during the Covid pandemic. You contended with your own shifting work situation and attended to your family’s needs all while fulfilling your commitment to SMPS Orange County. Your work has strengthened our Chapter and designed a course for success for the 2020-2021 Board. Thank you for your service. You have earned your place in the winner’s circle:

President-Elect Bonnie Temple, CPSM

Treasurer and Past President Keelin Cox, CPSM,

Secretary Denise Scott, CPSM

Communications Director Laurie Parris

Education Director Brandon Gamboa

Membership Director Suzie Bravo

Programs Director Nick Groeniger

Sponsorship Director Michelle Sinning, APR

Mentorship Director Shannah Hays


SMPS OC 100-Mile Challenge

Register now!

What is the 100-Mile Challenge?

The SMPS OC 100-Mile Challenge is a run/walk challenge for the month of September that ANYONE can sign up for!

Participants will log miles each day in September (roughly 3.3 miles per day) that must total 100 miles. You can walk the whole thing, you can run the whole thing, you can do any combination of the two - whatever works for you!

As we've all begun adapting to our work-from-home situations, we've realized that we need to make a conscious effort to step away from our computer screens. This challenge is intended to promote just that!

Get out, get moving, and get motivated! We can't wait to see your name on the leader board!

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Register and invite your friends to this challenge. 

Step 2: Track your daily mileage/kilometers HERE

Step 3: Get out and walk or run your way to success!

Anyone Can Join!

You don't need to be part of SMPS to join this challenge. Invite your friends, parents, partners, co-workers, and everyone in between! 

You Can Join The Challenge Anytime!

You can join the challenge anytime between August 5th - September 29th. However, the challenge is active Sept 1-30th, 2020. 

Share Your Progress!

Use the hashtag #SMPSOC100mileChallenge to share your progress on social media and upload your photos to the participant library