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SMPS-OC’s Committee and Board Leadership opportunities provide the perfect incubator for developing your leadership skills. Public speaking, network building, recruiting, mentoring (or being mentored), coordinating programs, and planning major events are just a few of the ways you can grow through Chapter involvement.


Communications/Website Director, Laurie Parris, (email)
Visibility, credibility, appeal and membership of the OC Chapter all depend on our Communications Committee. Volunteers can participate in a wide range of activities: website maintenance, social media, eBlasts, newsletter/Blog, campaign development and mailing list management.


Membership Director, Stephanie Wood, (email)
Improving our programs, education, special events, and networking forums requires us to build, keep and strengthen our membership base. Volunteers play a crucial role recruiting and retaining members, serving as ambassadors to non-members at events, and helping new members become assimilated with all the resources, including mentoring, that we offer as a chapter.


Education Director, Brandon Gamboa, (email)
A core tenet of SMPS is providing the educational resources professional services marketers need to grow their companies, and their careers. Volunteers are needed so we can provide a greater range of Educational programs to meet the needs of both junior and senior level professionals, in both marketing and business development.


Programs Director, Bonnie Temple, (email)
The Programs Committee provides business development-focused lunch programs with client panels on current topics/trends.


Sponsorship Director, Michelle Sinning, (email)
Visibility helps you and your firm stand out, increase your profitability, and discover more opportunities. SMPS gives you the chance to stand out and get ahead of the competition through its many sponsorship opportunities.


Mentorship Director, Shannah Hays, (email)
Benefits of mentoring are mutual. Mentors learn to work with others, providing guidance and information. Proteges discover how to define their individual goals and find ways to achieve them. Since the expectations of each individual will vary, mentors work with their proteges to develop a flexible relationship that responds to each person’s needs.


Hospitality Chair, Bailey Gau, (email)
The hospitality committee is responsible for all aspects of creating a positive for event attendees through management of the many coordination details required – from venue selection through greeting and checking in guests at registration.

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