The Orange County (OC) Chapter’s ByLaws were last updated in 2012.  Since that time, SMPS Headquarters (Society) has created a Model Chapter Bylaws document that reflects the organization’s current operations. Bylaws establish the basic rules and structure of corporate governance and serve as the operating agreement between the members and chapter leadership. The goal of the OC Chapter’s update is to bring our Bylaws and operations consistent with the Society Model Chapter Bylaws. 

Highlights of Changes

The update will:

  • Bring the OC Chapter Bylaws into alignment with the Society’s Purpose and Membership Definitions
  • Give us the opportunity to change the Secretary’s term of service from a previously set two-year term with a term limit of two-consecutive two-year terms, to a one-year term with a term limit of three consecutive one-year terms
  • Allow us to streamline the Board of Directors election process by changing from the Ballot Method to Slate Method. Under the Ballot Method, membership is required to vote on all positions, even those that are uncontested. This means we prepare and administer an election even if only one candidate is running for an office. The Slate Method streamlines the process by requiring an election only for contested positions.

We’ve posted both the current Bylaws (here) and the proposed Bylaws (here) on our website for you to review and compare. 

Next Steps

Proposed changes to Chapter Bylaws must be approved by the Chapter’s Board of Directors and SMPS Headquarters prior to being submitted to Chapter members for a vote. The OC Chapter Board of Directors has received Headquarters approval and is hereby submitting for our members vote to accept the new Orange County Chapter Bylaws, dated February 2021.

OC Chapter members will receive a ballot for voting via email. Voting is open from March 5th to April 5th. If you did not receive a ballot or have questions about the Bylaws or voting process, please contact OC Chapter’s Immediate Past President, Kelly Teenor, APR, CPSM at [email protected].